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Hizbullah, Islamic Action Front praise resistance foiling of Israeli Telecoms Breach

The Joint Political Committee of Hizbullah and the Islamic Action Front held its periodical meeting in Beirut in presence of Sheikh Zahir Jaeid, Sheikh Totio, and Hajj Mohammad Baden representing the front, while Sheikh Abdul Majid Ammar and Hajj Mohammad Saleh, representing Hizbullah.

Both sides discussed latest developments on the local, regional and international levels.

The Joint statement -published by the end of the meeting- congratulated Lebanon and its resistance for its accomplishment in revealing the “Israeli” breach again, which affirms that Lebanon is targeted directly by the Zionist enemy.

The committee referred that the espionage operations conducted on the telecommunications sector in Lebanon is a major breach of the Lebanese sovereignty, and a cruel violation of international resolution 1701.

Hizbullah and the Islamic Action Front condemned the US blatant interference in Lebanon, which has been exposed by wikileaks revelations, particularly that (interference) related to the so-called Special Tribunal for Lebanon. This interference in its turn confirms the politicization of the tribunal, which aims at falsely accusing the resistance and its honorable people.

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