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Intervention in Libya ruins revolution

A Libyan political dissident says that the Libyan people do not share the same joy as Egyptians and Tunisians, as Western intervention has ruined the revolution’s purpose.

“If you compare it with the revolution in Egypt and Tunisia, the people there feel the joy of the revolution because it is a product of their own actions. In the Libyan country, I think this kind of joy is not felt by the people,” Abu Sohayb told Press TV’s Rattansi and Ridley (R & R) program in regards with Western intervention in Libya following the people’s revolution against Muammar Gaddafi.

“When someone else is involved with the revolution other than the Libyan people, I think it is no longer crystal clear, and it spoils the revolution,” He added.

Abu Sohayb also voiced his sympathy towards Libyans who have fled the country following the intervention.

“I feel sad for them, because the main reasons for the Western intervention in Libya should be to help these kinds of people. When I see my people leaving and becoming refugees in Tunisia, I feel very sad for them and their families,” Abu Sohayb went on to say.

Over 16,000 refugees have crossed from Libya and entered Tunisia, reports say.

The humanitarian situation in the city of Misratah with the population of over one million has been reported as alarming with many people in dire need of food, water and medical supplies.

Dozens of civilians have also been killed in Libya since the Western military alliance launched its attacks on the North African country.

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