Iran exports $335 million mineral products to Turkey over past 11 months

Iran exported $335 million worth mineral products to Turkey over the past 11 months.

Based on the data released by the Customs Administration, in the mentioned period  ( 11 months of 2020) , more than 132 million dollars of copper and its artifacts were exported to Turkey, which showed a 15 % decline in comparison to the corresponding period in 2019 .

Accordingly, foreign trade statistics in the 9 month period indicates exports of 80,000 tons of refined copper cathodes and cathode parts with the value of 512 million dollars and the average price of each ton of copper cathode is estimated at $ 6,394.

Copper cathode is produced through the refining process, which helps in the removal of impurities from copper ore. Based on refining process type, the copper cathode market can be segmented into smelting and electro-refining. Smelting is a type of refining process for extracting pure form of copper from its ore.

It uses heat and chemical reducing agent for decomposition of copper ore, elimination of unwanted slag, and other elements for obtaining pure copper cathode. Electro-refining is a process, wherein copper ore is carried out in the presence of using aqueous solution for extracting pure form of copper cathode.

Iran exported 65.5 million tons of non-oil commodities worth $18.2 billion during the past seven months of the current Iranian year (March 20-October 21), registering a 17.5-percent fall in terms of weight, compared to the figure for the preceding period.

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