Iran Manufacturing Home-Made Centrifugal Pumps for Oil Industry

A knowledge-based company in Iran has succeeded in the production of home-made centrifugal pumps with applications in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

“We have been producing parts of centrifugal pumps since 12 years ago by using reverse engineering and signed contracts with South Pars gas complex and Bandar Abbas oil refinery,” Arash Shoureshi, the CEO of the knowledge-based company, said on Saturday.

He added that his company is now producing centrifugal pumps with a 50% to 70% lower price compared to their foreign rivals.

Shoureshi underlined the high quality of the product, announcing plans to export it to foreign countries in the future.

Now-a-days centrifugal pump either as single stage or multistage is extensively used in upstream, midstream and downstream oil industries. For example, the upstream oil industry uses to lift fluid from the wellbore, to deliver fluid in the separation system, etc.

Performance characteristics of a pump greatly depend on geometry and surface property of an impeller. Again, the viscosity which can be defined as resistance to flow has significant impact on head, efficiency and power consumption of the pump.

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