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Iran: New York unsafe for UN summits

A senior Iranian politician says intense security measures for New York City have actually turned the place into an insecure location, calling for the transfer of the UN National Assembly to a safer place.

In a televised interview with IRIB late Sunday, Iran’s Presidential Advisor for Press Affairs Ali Akbar Javanfekr criticized the US security forces at the UN for their “insulting behavior,” saying the security mood of New York did not allow representatives of world countries to communicate easily during the UN summit.

“The required secure atmosphere for the United Nations has disappeared, which needs to be addressed because such atmosphere does not allow prudent decision makings for a world with such great injustice,” Javanfekr said.

President Ahmadinejad’s advisor who accompanied him on his New York trip also took aim at American journalists for their ‘pre-planned questions’ in respect of economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic. He said the media in the US tried to highlight the effects of sanctions on the Iranian nation with the help of pre-planned questions aimed at weakening the status of Iran.

Javanfekr also hailed President Ahmadinejad’s control over international issues during press conferences in New York and cited the Western media hype against his remarks as yet another sign of Western desperation over Iran.

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