Iran ‘only country’ to have capacity to help Afghanistan: Ghani’s brother

The brother of former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who is also an expert in economic issues, says Iran is the only country that has the capacity to help Afghanistan after the two-decade-long war on the country.

Heshmat Ghani made the remark on Sahar Afghanistan TV’s Crimson Light program on Monday while commenting on the situation in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops from and the Taliban’s takeover of the country.

Underlining the reluctance or inability of other countries to help Afghanistan after the US invasion, Ghani said, “The improvement of the situation in Afghanistan would not be possible without Iran’s assistance, and that the only country that could help in terms of its potential was Iran.”

The Afghan economic expert said, “Iran has the capacity, while Pakistan, China, and Russia do not and [maybe] not want to help Afghanistan.”

Expressing that fewer investors have been to Iran from Afghanistan in the last 40 years and workers have mostly immigrated to the neighboring country, Ghani said, “Therefore, Iran has the capacity for both investors and immigrants to contribute and benefit in economic issues.”

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