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Iran Prepares for Islamic Conference in Face of Anti-Islam Moves

Preparations in Iran are underway to hold a new conference that would gather scholars from across the Arab and Islamic World to discuss pressing and sensitive timely issues.

Issues which are posing itself in the region these days include the anti-Islam campaign being staged by the west under the pretext of Islamophobia.

Angry protesters have took out to streets across the world to condemn a film which insults Islam and the Prophet Mohammad. Rage had been also high against the United States which considered “Innocence of Muslims” (the title of the anti-Islam film) an expression of freedom of speech, thus rejecting to punish or prosecute its producer.

In line with the so-called “freedom of speech” pretext, the French satirical weekly magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’, which last year published offensive caricature to Islam and Prophet Mohammad, repeated the provocative move yesterday.

It’s anticipated that the conference in Iran would discuss these matters in addition to other hot issues in the region and come out with tangible and executable recommendations and decisions.

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