‘Iran ready to coop. with EU in fight against terrorism’



Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran is ready to cooperate with all countries particularly the European Union (EU) to fight against terrorism.

The Iranian president made the remarks in a meeting with Croatian Parliament Speaker Josip Leko this morning calling Iran-Croatia ties friendly. “In the new post-nuclear-deal environment, both countries can expand all-round economic ties. Iran and Croatia enjoy great potentials in scientific, research and technical fields as well and they can expand cooperation on issues of mutual interest,” the president said.

Rouhani added “by gaining a proper momentum in cooperation between the two countries in the coming months, we can further improve the level of Tehran-Zagreb ties in 2016.”

Speaking about terrorism and violence in the region, President Rouhani said: “Today, the consequences of violence and terrorism have spread to Europe like a contagious disease; therefore, if there is violence and terrorism in any region, everyone must be alarmed”.

Rouhani noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to cooperate with all countries particularly the EU members to fight against terrorism. Tehran is also fully prepared to consult and cooperate on important regional and global issues.

The president also appreciated Croatia’s support for Iran’s rights to peaceful nuclear activities, and said “the Islamic Republic of Iran has not accepted, nor agrees with double standards in any issue and we believe that there should not be any discrimination among countries, or any privilege for a country over another in using science and technology.”

Josip Leko, for his part, expressed condolences over the Mina tragedy and said that his talks with his Iranian counterpart and other officials were “fruitful and constructive.”

He also said that both capitals can enhance relations particularly in the field of economy. “Croatia views Iran as a great power with a vast economy not only in the region, but also in the world” said he and that “we are determined to develop ties with Iran and believe that these ties can improve peace and stability in the region and the world.”

Leko also said that his country viewed Iran’s role in solving the regional disputes as ‘undeniable;’ “Croatia gives a lot of credit to Iran’s stances, especially regarding solving crises in the region, particularly in Iraq and Syria.”

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