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‘Iran Ready to Reverse Course Only after 5+1’s Return’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reiterated the stance of Tehran on which side should take the first step of returning to the nuclear deal.

“The day we witness 5+1 fulfills its commitments, we will be ready to adhere to our commitments under the JCPOA and there are no other paths for people and the region,” he said. Surely, he continued, the world will choose the path of dialogue with Iran, and “We will be victorious in this path.”

He made the remarks on Wednesday while addressing the nationwide rallies on the occasion of the 42nd Islamic Revolution victory.

Washington pulled out the UN-endorsed JCPOA in 2018 and reimposed severe sanctions on Iran’s economy through a policy dubbed ‘maximum pressure’ to force Tehran into a ‘better’ deal. After a year of patience, Iran started to reduce commitments to the deal according to the text of the JCPOA and to create a balance, asking other parties to shield its economy from unilateral US sanctions. Tehran says all its nuclear measures are reversible as soon as other parties fulfill their part of the commitments under the deal, one of which is normalizing trade and banking ties with the Islamic Republic. Meanwhile, the new US administration has made contradictory remarks over returning to the deal. Some American officials have set conditions such as negotiating on Iran’s missile program while some reports indicate that Washington intends to return to the deal without lifting sanctions.

“If the great nation of Iran had not stood against this tyrant of the White House and had not defeated him with patience and resistance, and if it was not for the people’s elected government, we might have pulled out the deal after Trump which would be an effortless and costless victory for Trump,” Rouhani said elsewhere.

In case of our withdrawal from the deal, all sanctions would have been returned against Iran and Israeli-American plots could have been realized, added the President.

However, the resistance of the people ‘crushed’ Trump in the past three years, he said, also pointing to the US’s isolation in the UN against Iran on several occasions.

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