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Iran rejects France, UK allegations as ‘baseless’


In response to France and Britain, Iran dismisses as ‘totally baseless and untrue’ the allegations that it is developing nuclear weapons.

Iran’s UN mission said in a statement on Thursday that Tehran’s nuclear activities were totally peaceful posing no threat to the world community.

The statement condemned remarks by French President Nicolas Sarkozy as a ‘futile attempt aimed to cover up the country’s (France’s) non-compliance with its international disarmament obligations.’

In his address to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, the French president, warned Iran against what he called ‘making a tragic mistake’ in pursuing its nuclear program.

“I would like to say in a solemn manner to the Iranian leaders, that if they rely on a passive response from the international community in order to pursue their military nuclear program, they will be making a tragic mistake.”

Sarkozy also said that Iran had ‘flouted’ UN Security Council resolutions, stressing that the global community should not ‘accept violations of international rules’ if it sought ‘a world without nuclear weapons’.

The statement also took aim at British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for his UN speech, during which he said that further sanctions could await Iran should it fail to comply with UN demands.

The statement said Britain ‘was not in a position to pass judgments on others’ as it has ‘deliberately disregarded its obligations to take steps toward the elimination of its nuclear weapons despite being an NPT signatory. ‘

Brown said during his UN speech that “Iran must not allow its actions to prevent the international community from moving forward to a more peaceful era.”

“And as evidence of its breach of international agreements grows, we must now consider far tougher sanctions together,” the British leader added.

The statement concluded that Iran was, however, ready to hold ‘serious and constructive’ talks based on ‘respect, justice, rights of nations and collective commitments’.

On October 1, Iran is expected to sit at the negotiating table with the six powers in Geneva to discuss a wide range of global issues.

Iran says although open to talks it ‘will not compromise’ on its nuclear rights.

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