Iran starts injecting gas into next generation centrifuges

Iran has officially started injecting gas into next-generation centrifuges at Natanz Nuclear Facility, in a ceremony attended by President Hassan Rouhani through videoconference.

Marking the National Day of Nuclear Technology on Saturday, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran unveiled133 new achievements in the field of nuclear technology.

Accordingly, the AEOI started injecting gas into next-generation centrifuges and began the mechanical test of the IR-9 centrifuges at Natanz Nuclear Facility.

Moreover, an assembly line for next-generation centrifuges was also inaugurated at the facility.

The AEOI chief, Ali-Akbar Salehi, said on Saturday that adhering to international regulations, Iran seeks to increase its nuclear achievements.

He noted that despite all the restrictions and sanctions, various projects in the field of nuclear science and technology have been pursued.

Salehi named manufacturing of centrifuges required by the Blood Transfusion Center, industrial production of medical-grade titanium used in the manufacture of implants in the human body, and the production of several new radiopharmaceuticals as the obtained achievements.

A statement issued by the AEOI on the occasion the National Nuclear Day Technology reads, “With the efforts of the staff and specialists of the country’s nuclear industry, in the last one year alone, 133 new achievements have been successfully achieved in various fields of the nuclear industry, including quantum, enrichment, heavy water, radiopharmaceuticals, lasers, etc. These achievements will be unveiled, inaugurated, and launched by the President of Iran on April 10 on the occasion of the National Nuclear Technology Day.”

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