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Iran: US Embassy Takeover symbol of resistance against arrogance

The Iranian Defense Ministry said in a statement that Aban 13 (Day of US Embassy Takeover), is a symbol of resistance against oppression and the arrogant powers in the world.

The Iranian Defense Ministry issued a statement on the anniversary of Aban 13 (Day of US Embassy Takeover), known as the National Day of Protest Against Global Arrogance in Iran.

The 13th of Aban is a symbol of the vigilance and awareness of the Iranian youth and the intelligence and strength of the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran against oppression, tyranny, and arrogance, said the statement.

The day is a symbol of resistance against oppression and the arrogant powers of the world, it added.

Referring to the battle between right and wrong, the statement added that God has promised that the victory will be for the right front.

Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian nation, under the guidance of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, has taken many steps on the path path, the statement reminded.

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