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Iranian President: US Economic War Taking Last Breaths

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday that the US economic war against his nation is nearing end, but meantime, stressed that the Iranian nation is ready for decades of resistance.

Rouhani made the remarks, addressing the inauguration ceremony of 3 major petrochemical projects via a video conference.

“The projects that are being inaugurated today proves the national power of the country that is emerging, and we are witnessing that the whole country has turned into a huge workshop of self-confidence under the economic sanctions,” he said.

Rouhani referred to the US anti-Iranian economic war, and said, “If this war lasts for 30 years, our people will still stand, although I believe that this war is reaching its end and the one who ignited war is passing the last weeks of his political life.”

“The Iranian nation will live forever and be proud as it has been proud throughout history,” he underlined.

“The enemy wanted to reduce our foreign exchange earnings by restricting the oil sector,” Rouhani said.

“As the Leader said, the first thing to do in sanctions is for us to eliminate their effect, and the second thing is to lift the sanctions,” he added.

The Iranian President called the sanctions a joint product of Zionism, regional allies, and American extremists, saying, “We should defuse the conspiracy of the enemies and we should not let their cruel plan against our nation continue.”

He vowed the government’s continued effort to improve the living conditions of the Iranian people in the near future.

Rouhani had also on Wednesday said that US President Donald Trump is doomed to have a fate similar to that of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hossein, stressing that Washington’s economic war against Tehran has failed to reach its goal.

“The fate of US President Donald Trump will not be better than Saddam Hussein,” Rouhani said, adding that the US has not achieved its goal of imposing economic war against Iran.

“We had two crazy creatures in history who imposed war on the people. One was Saddam and the other was Trump,” he said, and continued, “Saddam imposed military war and Trump imposed economic war on us.”

Rouhani further said, “We were united during the war and defeated Saddam. We also witnessed the day when that madman was executed.”

He pointed to the resistance of Iranian nation against illegal American sanctions, saying, “We did not let this economic war reach its goal.”

“As the Supreme Leader said, we must nullify the sanctions,” Rouhani noted.

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