Iraq slams ISIL jihad marriage as rape: Report


Iraq’s Ministry of Human Rights condemns as “rape” a call for so-called jihad marriages by ISIL Takfiri terrorists, Press TV reports.

The Takfiri terrorists have opened what they call “a marriage bureau” to arrange so-called marriages between women and ISIL militants fighting in Iraq and Syria.

In the Iraqi city of Mosul, Takfiris have now called on citizens to provide personal details of single women and widows so that the militants would come knocking at their door.

“We consider forcing women to marry ISIL terrorists a kind of rape. Many families in Mosul have already fled the city after the Takfiris called them to give the list of their daughters,” Kamel Amin, from Iraqi Human Rights Ministry, told Press TV.
This so-called marriage bureau is considered an attempt by militants to organize sending of women to the war front to be used as sex slaves.

“We were not surprised by such an action by ISIL observing their ideology. We can see that this group is trying to drag militants through fatwas. Concerning jihad marriage, this is how they try to convince militants to become members of the group,” Amin added.
In June, ISIL militants in Iraq called on the residents of the country’s major northern city of Mosul to offer their women to the Takfiri militants for sex.

The notorious militants also threatened Iraqis in the northern city, with consequences if they fail to comply with the order.

The ISIL militants have committed gross human rights violations and war crimes in Syria and Iraq, such as rape, summary executions, mass kidnappings, and massacres.

The ISIL and its associated militant groups are also blamed for numerous sacrilegious acts. According to reports, the terrorist groups have links with Saudi intelligence and are believed to be indirectly supported by the Israeli regime.

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