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Iraqi forces arrest infamous ISIS ‘Emir of the Tigris Region’

The Iraqi Armed Forces managed to arrest the so-called “Emir of the Tigris Region”, a commander in the ISIS terrorist organization, during a mission in central Iraq.

The spokesperson of the Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Major General Yehia Rasool, posted on his official Twitter account on Thursday:

“Based on the directives of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and through continuous follow-up, scrutiny, matching, gathering information and with a qualitative ambush based on an intelligence effort, the heroes In the Counter-Terrorism Service arrested the newly established “Emir of the Tigris Region” after the killing of the former emir in an operation.”

No further details were released regarding the arrest of the ISIS commander.

In the same context, Rasool said that the Iraqi Armed Forces managed to destroy three motorcycles and a tunnel belonging to the Islamic State terrorist organization on Thursday.

The Iraqi security forces continue to search, cleanse and pursue the remnants of ISIS throughout the country, to ensure that the organization and its fleeing elements do not reappear.

In December 2017, Iraq announced the liberation of all its lands from the grip of ISIS after nearly three and a half years of confrontations with the terrorist organization, which occupied about a third of the country at one point.

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