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Iraqi politician: ‘US embassy coordinating assassinations of Iraqi activists

Secretary-General of the Tribal Council of Southern Iraq, Muhammad al-Danbus, told MNA that the US embassy in Baghdad is home to an assassination cell targeting Iraqi activists.

The US measures to create civil strife in Iraq and fan the flames of sedition in this country are no secret to anyone. In recent days, the southern provinces of Iraq, especially the province of Basra, have been the site of heightened tension and riots under the mask of popular protests.

However, it seems that the protests in Basra have become a cover for some rioters in order to destroy public property and aggravate the situation by creating unrest in this region.

In the midst of these protests, the assassination of a number of Iraqi activists by unknown agents has worsened the situation in Basra.

To shed more light on these developments, the Mehr News Agency conducted an interview with the Secretary-General of the Tribal Council of Southern Iraq, Muhammad al-Danbus.

Asked to comment on the recent developments in Basra and other southern provinces, and the US involvement in the assassination of Iraqi activities, he said “the US consulate, government, and embassy are trying to target the Shia-populated areas by inciting sedition among the Shia groups in Basra and Nasiriyah.”

He went on to add, “The assassinations in Iraq are actually carried out by the US embassy, which has set up a special team to assassinate Iraqi activists in order to destabilize the country and create clashes among Shia groups in Basra province.”

Asked to evaluate the US measures in the southern provinces of Iraq, he said “The US is making efforts to extend the lock-down in Iraq. The lock-down is actually to the detriment of the citizens of Basra and the southern provinces. By this measure, the Americans mean to target the education sector.”

He went on to add, “The Americans are seeking to carry out widespread sedition in the Shia-populated areas through their elements and mercenaries, especially the corrupt Saudi media and the Alhurra network in Iraq and other such satellite channels.”

About a recent trilateral meeting between Iraqi, Jordanian, and Egyptian officials in the midst of the normalization of relations between the UAE and the Zionist regime, he said “The trilateral meeting attended by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Jordanian King Abdullah II and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, was very humiliating because not a single word was uttered about the normalization of relations between the UAE and the Zionist enemy.”

He went on to add, “They have forgotten the rights of the Palestinians that have been usurped by the Zionist regime. As Iraqi tribes, we strongly condemn the normalization of relations with the Zionist regime and declare our support for our brothers in Palestine.”

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