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IRGC Commander Warns of Iran’s Iron Fist to Enemies’ Aggression

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari warned enemies not to try Iran’s defense power or wait for a much stronger response.

General Jafari made the remarks on the sidelines of the Saturday military drills by the IRGC in the Persian Gulf and Qeshm Island.

“The wargames were a response to the claims that the enemies have and they should know that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s defense power is a deterrent power and as the Supreme Leader has said if they decide to hit a blow, they will certainly be responded with 10 blows,” he underlined.

“We hope that the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran have realized our power of response and our crushing chasing response more than the past,” General Jafari said.

Meantime, Commander of the IRGC Ground Force Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour described the wargames as fully successful, and told reporters on Qeshm Island that “the best defense is attack and offensive and when the enemy has a(n ill) will and intention against our country, we should launch offensive against it because this offensive will be the element of our deterrence”.

Also, Lieutenant Commander of the IRGC Brigadier General Hossein Salami told reporters on the sidelines of the drills that the enemies whose interests are met by setting fire to the region are pursuing the dangerous policy of sending large amounts of weapons to the regional states.

“The enemies threaten us and at the same time, want us to decrease our defense power and it is not rational,” he added.

General Salami noted that power takes form based on threats, and said, “If we are threatened, we produce power and it would insane to disarm ourselves and give in to the enemies when we are always being threatened.”

His remarks alluded to the US and its allies’ pressures on Iran to stop development of missiles.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said the US was using Iran’s missile program as a pretext to pressure and weaken Tehran as Washington had been disappointed at the military option against Iran.

“Today, the enemies have grown disappointed at military threats and their pressures on Iran’s missiles are becuase of their despair. But we do know very well that we can never neglect the defense power even for one moment,” General Hatami said, addressing a forum in Tehran.

He added that the US and its allies wanted to use the terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria to hit a blow to the Islamic Revolution but Iran’s supports for the legal governments in those countries foiled enemies’ plots and created the resistance pivot.

Iran has taken long strides in production of different missiles despite the US sanctions.

Commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said earlier this month that Iran enjoyed the technology to widen the range of its missiles beyond the present 2,000km, but did not plan to increase the range as it sees no need.

“We have the capability to build missiles with higher ranges. The digit, 2,000km, is not a divine decree but what has been decided until today is based on our needs,” Hajizadeh said, addressing Iranian university students in Tehran.

He said as regards the range of its missiles, Iran did not feel restrained either in technical terms or because of any agreement on the range of missiles.

General Hajizadeh noted that many enemy bases were in a distance of 300 to 400km away from Iran, while another group of such enemy targets were distanced 700-800km from the country.

He, meantime, blasted the West’s pressures on Iran to limit the country’s missile program and regional presence, and said, “Europe and the US are the two blades of the same pair of scissors to pressure the Iranian nation. Their strategy is similar and they have just distributed the tasks.”

General Hajizadeh said even if Iran stopped its missile development or decreased its presence in the region, the country’s problems with the US would never be resolved as these excessive demands of the US were meant to serve as pretexts to wear off Iran’s power components and then invade the country easily.

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