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IRGC navy fully prepared to give crushing response to enemies

Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Commander in a message emphasized the full readiness of the force to respond to any threat waged against the country quickly and decisively.

Concurrent with the arrival of April 18, the anniversary of sacrifice of IRGC navy commanders in 1988 in a direct battle with the invading United States, Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri issued a message on Sun.

“At the beginning of new century, we humbly thank God Almighty that IRGC’s Navy Force, with its unity, amity in line with safeguarding the “authority” and “security” of the country, has achieved significant power and strength to thwart any malicious behavior and conspiracies of enemies orchestrated against the country under the wise leadership of the Islamic Revolution,” the message is read.

April 18, 1988 is reminiscent of a memory that will not be forgotten in the history of the Islamic Revolution, the day that brave and courageous navy commanders of the Islamic Republic of Iran faced an unequal and direct battle with the armed to teeth army of the United States and sacrificed their soul and body in defending the country’s lands and territories with their utmost power bravely and managed to foil plots waged by enemies against the country.

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