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ISIL Collapses in Iraq’s Diyala … Jolawlaa, al-Saadiyah in Army’s Grip


HaIraqi Armys the countdown to defeat ISIL project in Iraq started? This question deserves to be raised as the terrorist group suffered a series of heavy losses after it had controlled swathes of territories in Iraq, approaching even Baghdad.

The Iraqi army, backed by the popular volunteers, regained complete control yesterday over the Jolawlaa and al-Saadiyah in Diyala province after defeating ISIL terrorists.

Security sources told Al-Manar that over 200 of ISIL terrorists were either killed or injured due to the gradual advance operation launched by the Iraqi army and the popular volunteers.

It is worth noting that Diyala province borders Baghdad and Salahuddine and it lies on the Iraqi-Iranian borders.

ISIL terrorists had controlled Jolawlaa and al-Saadiyah in the first half of this year, what drove the Iraqi army and its allies to launch a counter strike in order to regain them.

The security sources added that the Iraqi forces attacked the two towns after besieging them and killing scores of ISIL terrorists.

Diyalla military achievement is accompanied by similar advances in other provinces, what pushed ISIL to attack Anbar in order to boost its terrorists’ morale; however, the Iraqi army and its allies encountered the militants who resorted to committing massacres against the civilians.

The available data assert ISIL has started its setback after the successive defeats it suffered in several Iraqi areas.

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