ISIL Suffers Heavy Casualties in Syrian Army Attacks East of Homs



Syrian Army troops targeted ISIL terrorists’ movements and gatherings in six different regions in Eastern Homs, inflicting tens of casualties on the militants.

The army soldiers hit ISIL’s concentration centers hard in the villages and towns of Arsouneh, East of Tiyas, East of Station 4, Ba’ar al-Wa’erah, near Qasr al-Hayer and in Eastern side of al-Quaryatayn, killing and wounding tens of militants and destroying their armored vehicles.

Reports said earlier today that Russian fighter jets targeted a convoy of ISIL’s fuel tankers transferring fuel from Homs to Raqqa, destroying several tankers.

The fighter jets targeted the ISIL’s fuel tankers near the towns of al-Sukhnah and Arak in Eastern Homs, destroying several tankers.

The tankers convoy was heading to ISIL-held regions in Raqqa.

A number of ISIL militants were killed in the air raid.

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