ISIS terrorists allege they attacked Syrian Army from US-controlled zone: SANA

The Syrian authorities have arrested a group of ISIS-affiliated militants, who admitted that they committed various terrorist operations, ranging from killing, executions, kidnapping, and the sabotage and destruction of public property.

The terrorists admitted that many of these operations were carried out in coordination between ISIS and the U.S. military deployed in the Al-Tanf Zone on the Syrian-Jordanian borders, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) claimed.

SANA said these terrorists alleged that they were instructed by the U.S. forces in Al-Tanf, as these troops directed the leader of the terrorist organization, Hassan Alqam Al-Jazrawi, particularly targeting the fighters of the Syrian Arab Army and targeting the Palmyra area, T-4 Airport, and oil fields, such as the Al-Sha’er fields.

“Hassan al-Wali came to us and told me that he was in an interview with the Americans at the al-Tanf base and told him that it was necessary to target the Palmyra area and the T-4 Airport and that the Americans would support us with weapons, rocket launchers and machine guns. They would help us financially, support us with cars, and support us with everything and they will send us reconnaissance aircraft to monitor our Palmyra area,” the terrorist alleged.

The Syrian government has repeatedly made these allegations before, despite the U.S. Coalition’s denial and counter-accusations.

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