Islamic Iran warns against arming Syrian terrorists

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi has warned against arming Syrian terrorists because of its dire consequences for the region.

According to Press TV, Vahidi on Saturday slammed countries that have flooded Syria with arms and equipped terrorist groups noting that it will have very bad implications for the region.
The Iranian defense minister added “The enemies are trying to create a new power balance between the Zionist Regime and other Muslim countries in the region; a balance that has been disturbed because of the Islamic Awakening.”
Vahidi noted that the enemies are trying to tilt the balance to their favor by omitting Syria from the resistance front but they will not succeed.
He stated that what is portrayed as opposition in Syria consists of a few foreign armed groups that did not allow the Syrian government to meet the demands of the country’s people.
The Iranian defense minister said “If foreign forces that have an irregular presence in this country enter the scene regularly, a major crisis will engulf the region.”
However, Vahidi added that the losers of such a crisis would be the Westerners and pro-Zionist countries.

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