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“Islam’s outlook toward workers is one of appreciation”

Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed, met this Monday morning with a number of workers. The following are the main points he stated during this meeting:

  • Since the first days of the Islamic Revolution, the enemy has sought to halt production in the country. All the sanctions were aimed at halting production in Iran. Our workers have stood on the front lines and have not let that happen.
  • Islam’s outlook toward workers is one of appreciation. It is an outlook based on valuing, an outlook that values work and workers. This viewpoint is different from that of the system of capitalism and the disintegrated system of communism.
  • Capitalist systems view workers based on how they can exploit them. Workers are viewed as a tool for gaining wealth. That’s how capitalism views workers, and they don’t even hide it. Look at their books on economics and you will reach this same conclusion.
  • Communism’s view of workers was a slogan. They said they had a workers’ system. For example, Russia under Stalin and Khrushchev was a so-called pro-workers system but the rulers lived like sultans. No trace of supporting workers existed, and pressure was on society and the working class.
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