“Israel”: Hizbullah’s Response Coming…but When and How?





“Israel”: Hizbullah’s Response Coming…but When and How?


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Lebanese dailies

“How will Hizbullah respond to Qunaitra aggression?” was the headline prevailing most newspapers on Monday morning, as Sunday witnessed an “Israeli” aggression that reaped the lives of six Hizbullah fighters, including Jihad, the son of martyred Hizbullah leader Imad Moghnieh. The “Israeli” enemy’s helicopters fired missiles at the group of Hizbullah fighters who were inspecting the town of Mazraat al-Amal in the Syrian Qunaitra region.

As-Safir newspaper, under the title “Before the Aggression is not Like After the Aggression” highlighting that “Israel” now anticipates the reaction of Hizbullah following its blatant aggression in Qunaitra.

As-Safir described the “Israeli” raid as an unprecedented ‘direct confrontation’ on the Syrian territorie

s, between the Resistance camp and the “Israeli” camp, without any proxy.
“The participation of “Israel” in the Syrian war against the resistance axis no longer consists of assumptions or accusations, and what happened in Qunaitra is only more evidence to the nature of the war in Syria and the aims behind that.”
The paper further went on “it is true that the price Hizbullah paid due to the “Israeli” raid was high, yet this “Israeli” aggression is only more proof to the real nature of the conflict in Syria, which is a conflict with the “Israeli” enemy and its scheme.”

Moreover, the paper concluded that “there is no doubt anymore about the nature of the conflict, after clear evidence that “Israel” has become a major player in the camp that aims at changing the role of Damascus and its strategic position, by that paving the way to encircle the resistance in Lebanon especially due to its role in the regional equation.”

The Lebanese daily quoted sources close to Hizbullah that response to the “Israeli” aggression is inevitable, noting that “Hizbullah will not react hastily and will take its time to determine what a suitable response would be in a very calm and wise manner.”

For its part, al-Akhbar newspaper said the resistance will respond to the “Israeli” aggression in Qunaitra, noting that the “Israeli” enemy will witness a clear response. The paper raised questions on the nature of the attack, asking “Does this aggression come in context of support to the armed opposition forces in Syria? Is it in the context of delivering a message to Hizbullah that it should retreat in the battle of defending its political choice of supporting the Syrian government? Or is it in the context of a confrontation of strategic nature between “Israel” and Hizbullah especially in light of unity of the Northern front of united Syria and Lebanon vis-à-vis the “Israeli” enemy on the other front?

On the same issue, al-Binaa newspaper asked whether the region entered a dark tunnel which leads to an all-inclusive war, or is it rather a risk “Israel” takes by walking at the edge of the pit, in an attempt to change the rules of the game which sided “Israel” from being one of the major players in the region, or rather is it a response to the words of Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, that the game is over in the region.

The paper quoted military sources as saying that the two events that took place in the South, (the smoke-bombs thrown at the Lebanese army soldiers) and that in the Golan (the targeting of the resistance fighters), are directly connected and reflect an aggressive and provocative act, though which “Israel” might have wanted to test the reaction of resistance axis, Hizbullah in particular especially following the Sayyed Nasrallah interview in which he revealed the new capabilities of the resistance that directly caused worry among the lines of the “Israeli” army and the settlers.

Al-Jomhouriya for its part, quoted the Youth and Sports minister Abdel Motaleb Hannawi saying that “the “Israeli” raid on Qunaitra is a new aggression on an Arab land and a blatant intervention in the Syrian crisis.” This act, according to the minister, reveals to what extent there exists cooperation between the “Israeli” enemy and al-Nusra front, which continues its military operations in an attempt to take control of the region adjacent to the Golan Heights.”

Source: al-Ahed news

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