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Israel, KSA Stunned As Obama Makes Iran 7th World Power: Debkafile

Netanyahu_AbdullahThe Zionist entity and Saudi Arabia as well are stunned as US President Brack Obama recognized Iran as a 7th world power when he and the 5 other powers sealed a nuclear deal earlier this week, an Israeli military intelligence website reported.

In an exclusive report, Debkafile sources in Washington said that Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry “secretly agreed to elevate Iran to the staNetanyahu and King Abdullahtus of seventh world power, as a strong inducement for signing the interim nuclear accord in Geneva Sunday, Nov. 24, for living up to its obligations in the coming six months and for then signing a comprehensive agreement.”

The report said that even Iranian officials had not “expected to be granted big power standing, with an authoritative role recognized by the six big powers for addressing issues in a broad region spanning the Gulf, the Middle East and Western Asia, including Afghanistan.”

Debkafile said Riyadh and Tel Aviv were ‘aghast” at the agreement, with sources in the Zionist entity told the Israeli website that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “has been holding back-to-back confidential consultations with the heads of Israel’s security and intelligence services and the high IDF command” to decide how to deal with issue.

The report also added that the KSA was “deep in similarly anxious and angry discussions.”

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