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Israel spies on US, enjoys immunity


Israeli espionage cells are given a free hand in the United States, enjoying immunity from prosecution despite targeting American “counter-intelligence, judicial and political institutions,” says an analyst, Press TV reports.
“There is a total stand down on prosecuting Israeli espionage networks here,” Jim Dean wrote in an article on Press TV on Saturday, referring to the United States.

“Such a situation could never have happened unless all of our counter-intelligence, judicial and political institutions had been compromised as primary key targets of such an assault,” Dean added.

The analyst went on to say that the Israeli regime gathers as much information on countries, including the US, as it can and sells the information it does not need to the entities that offer the highest price for it.

“One of the ways the Zios fund their intelligence operations worldwide is through their huge Walmart-sized contract espionage service. They steal everything they can, much of it with assistance of willing traitors and ideological dupes. What they don’t need themselves, they sell to the highest bidder,” Dean wrote.

He pointed to “major US defense companies” that provide technology to the Israeli regime, only for the information to be relayed to third parties deemed as “potential adversaries” to make them look like “bigger threats, which then requires more public spending on new weapons systems to protect us.”

“This is mega-treason on the corporate level, but these same people have the red carpet rolled out for them wherever they go, especially with Congress no guilt, no shame, no prosecution,” Dean concluded.

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