Israeli call for Netanyahu’s resignation amid indictment on charges of fraud, bribery

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Dozens of Israelis have staged a protest in the occupied territories, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after he was indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

“We’re demanding from Benjamin Netanyahu to leave office and let us rebuild our nation … We are demanding from his partners in the he right wing coalition to not give him the opportunity to stay while he is on trial, on corruption,” said Tomer Pines, one of the protesters in Tel Aviv.

“We don’t want that our prime minister to go on with his premiership when he has legal accusation against him,” said Noam Shapira, another protester.

Separately, Palestine Liberation Organization official Wasel Abu Youssef said there was no need to feel sorrow for Netanyahu.

“Netanyahu has a fixed strategy when it comes to preventing having a Palestinian state on occupied lands, the ending of occupation and settlements. All negotiations attempts from Netanyahu … have failed because of his stubbornness and his attempt to try and gain time so he could enforce these facts. That is why we do not think that there is even the possibility of expressing sorrow for Netanyahu’s indictment,” he commented.

Israel ‘corrupt’ regime after Netanyahu charged with fraud, Palestinians say

Meanwhile, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip have described Israel as a “corrupt” regime in the wake of Netanyahu’s indictment in a corruption scandal that would throw his political future into doubt and complicate the struggle to choose the Tel Aviv regime’s next leader.

“As a Palestinian, I think presenting charges against Netanyahu asserts that this is a corrupt regime and this entity is living through real crises, among them their inability so for to replace its corrupt leadership,” Imad Abu Awwad, from the Al-Quds Center for Israeli and Palestinian studies, said in Ramallah on Friday.

Sufian Jamjoum, for his part, lamented the absence of a strong judiciary system in Palestinian territories that would hold corrupt people to account, emphasizing that the Palestinian people will eventually prevail.

Netanyahu indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust

“To hell Netanyahu and others. Just like the Palestinian people have crushed others they will knock down Netanyahu and the Palestinian people will prevail,” the former Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails said.

Moreover, Hazem Qassem, a spokesman for the Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas, said the indictment indicates that the Israeli regime’s leadership is “drowning in corruption.”

Hazem Qassem, a spokesman for the Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas (file photo)

“Past years’ events show that the leadership of the Occupation is drowning in corruption, and that is normal for an entity that is based on stealing Palestinian lands and expelling its people.

“It also confirms the lies behind its claim that it is a democratic regime and has integrity. This is an entity that is based on stealing, a corrupted leadership, and a war criminal that should be in international courts,” he said.

Separately, Palestine official Wasel Abu Youssef said that for years Netanyahu had sought to avoid this outcome by “launching wars against the Palestinian people” to boost his domestic popularity.

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