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Israeli racist laws against democracy

A US analyst says Israel cannot oblige its citizens to take oath of loyalty to “a democratic Jewish state,” while its formation is based on racist laws.

“This requirement to accept the Jewish state, the notion of an exclusively Jewish state in the land of conquered and massacred people and … [accept it as a] democratic society, is a joke. It is a contradiction in terms,” Ralph Schoenman, the author of the ‘Hidden History of Zionism,’ said on Monday.

Israeli ministers on Sunday approved a controversial bill that would obligate non-Jewish citizenship applicants to pledge allegiance to a “Jewish and democratic state of Israel.”

“How can you have a democratic society in which rights depend on ethnic origin and religious affiliation? That is an apartheid colonial society,” Schoenman said in an interview with Press TV.

“Defining Zionism and the ‘Israeli state’ project have predicated on the removal of the Palestinian people from their land and from history,” he pointed out.

“It is colonial and absolutely incompatible with the most elementary principles of self-determination and democratic rights,” Schoenman concluded.

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