“Israeli” Warning: Nothing Could Stop Hizbullah’s Missiles, Al-Assad Holds Tight Grip

“Israeli” military sources warned of an unprecedented confrontation with Hizbullah based on the Syrian crisis, however reiterated that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “exceeded all expectations, did not escape, and proved to have his father’s genes.”

“Israeli” Yedioth Ahronoth daily cited the “Israeli” military sources as underscoring, “The security situation in the North Front is extremely tense, and the deterrence to Hizbullah is headed towards a huge defeat.”

The sources further indicated, “Hizbullah is back in the game, and has all the pretexts needed, and when al-Assad’s Army opens its chemical and biological weapon warehouses for everyone, Hizbullah will be the first to receive these weapons.”

Moreover, the sources cautioned that the next confrontation with Hizbullah will show an absolutely different and weaker “Israel” than the one had been seen in Gaza.

In this context, they mentioned samples of what might happen on the “Israeli” side: “Ben Gurion Airport and harbors will close, ship traffic will cease, and goods and ships insurance will skyrocket, which means that no ship will enter or exit Haifa and Ashdod harbors.”

As for the military confrontation itself, the sources stressed, “No air strike by the “Israeli” Air Force could stop all that, especially the protection the Iron Dome provides.”

The daily underlined, “The recent confrontation with Gaza did not witness an “Israeli” ground operation. However, the situation is different on the Lebanese front.”

In parallel, it emphasized that “the amount of expected missiles to shower “Israel”, as well as its range and type, will require the “Israeli” Army staff to plot a broad ground operation against the bombing and aerial maneuvers.”

Furthermore, the daily mentioned, “”Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu is aware of these dangerous facts, but avoids to declare them in elections, since there is a certain line to which “Israelis” can bear to hear bad news.”

Moreover, Yedioth Ahronoth revealed that the latest visit Netanyahu made to the Syrian Golan Heights days ago, was not only a photo-shoot for election purposes, but Netanyahu had also heard from Northern Command Chief Major-General Yair Golan a warning of “the 45 years of calm on the Syrian borders certainly ending.”

According to Golan, “the Sykes-Picot Agreement that divided the region around 100 years ago generated political countries and entities such as Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, and they are diminishing countries that wane and collapse in front of us.”

“The Kurds, for example, established an independent province in Northern Iraq, and when Bashar al-Assad’s regime collapses, they will seek to unite with the Northern Syria’s Kurds,” Golan indicated.

He further predicted: “As for the Alawites, they will establish their own province West Syria, next to their Shiite allies in Lebanon, the Druze will control Druze Mountain, and Syria will turn into ethnically diverse cantons.”

However, deliberating the battles in Syria, Golan estimated, “al-Assad’s survival rates depend on three elements: the regime’s firm grip, the economy’s immunity, and the quality of military operation on the battlefield.”

“The regime still holds a tight grip, the leadership is still unified, al-Assad still survives, and did not collapse or escape as we thought, since he inherited his father [President] Hafez al-Assad’s genes. Civil war should have curbed Syria’s economy, but that did not happen yet, despite all severe damage estimated at $90 billion,” the Brigadier General affirmed.

Moreover, the “Israeli” daily cited military sources in the Northern Command warning field reality change near the Syrian-“Israeli” borders, since they estimated that “the border will turn into an area of absolute chaos, and a base for terrorist operations, especially if the Syrian Army’s qualitative combat techniques reached this area.”

The same sources stated that “No escapes would be scored from “Israel”, and we will reach a reality where we have to operate from behind the borders, construct a new border fence, and perform precautionary measures.”

The Syrian Opposition Calls on “Israeli” Army for Protection

On another note, the “Israeli” daily cited the Brigadier General of Golani Brigade Colonel Eric Han as saying, “The [so-called] Syrian rebels continue to attack the Syrian regime forces in the border area.

From above, one can observe what is happening; once in a while, the [so-called] rebels come out of Joubta village, attack the regime’s posts, kill soldiers, then return to their bases. To do this, the [insurgents] prefer to move by foot on the borderline, as close as possible from the “Israeli” border fence. However, the Syrian soldiers do not shoot, so as to avoid clashes with the “Israeli” Army. This means that the [so-called] rebels, some from the “Global Jihad”, in fact cover themselves through the “Israeli” Army in that area.”

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