JCPOA political, legal honor of Iran’s history



Iran President Rouhani said JCPOA marks a legal and political honor for the Iranian nations and should not be criticized.

Speaking upon arrival in his hometown Semnan on Tuesday morning on 26th leg of his provincial tours, President Hassan Rouhani said “returning to one’s hometown has always been reminiscent of childhood, adolescence and youth.”

“The incumbent government took office at a time when Islamophobia and Iranophobia had reached their summits,” noted Rouhani adding “sanctions were also at their peak when we began work.”

He stated “the Iranian nation made the historic decision to defeat the Islamophobic and Iranophobic policies promoted by world powers and the International Zionism as well as to resolve sanctions pressure and regional and global problems.”

“We are approaching the peaks of victories since all United Nations Security Council resolutions against the country have been canceled,” he continued.

President Rouhani deemed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as a legal and political honor for the Iranian people; “during sanction years, Iran’s oil sales had been cut into half by declining to one million barrels per day.”

“The berthing of foreign ships at Iranian ports had been banned and no money could be transferred through banks in those days,” highlighted the official.

Rouhani further urged the media to consider ethics; “criticizing the government is acceptable and even recommended while the nation would reject media chaos.”

“Some seek to suggest that the Iranian nation is not victorious,” stressed the Iranian president asserting “we need to face the fact that Iran has achieved a significant historical success.”

He went on to emphasize “JCPOA has been approved by all organizations and authorities and the time is ripe for its implementation.”

“Instead of criticizing the plan, we need to take advantage of the emerged opportunity in order to build a prosperous Iran,” he commented.

President Hassan Rouhani said “banking relations between Iranian and world banks are being resumed and the barriers faced by traders, entrepreneurs, importers and exporters have been alleviated though arrival of foreign companies and investors might prove a time-consuming process.”

“Only three months have passed since JCPOA was implemented and many objectives have been fulfilled in the meantime,” stressed the official.

The Iranian president stated that increasing number of foreign companies and private sector firms are entering Iran to sign agreements; “aviation obstacles have been removed encouraging more tourists to visit the country.”

He recalled that Iran has regained its position in the oil market asserting “unlike the past, we are currently purchasing yellow cake and selling enriched uranium and heavy water.”

“Certain critical equipment of oil and petrochemical industries were purchased at exorbitant prices until six months ago while now we can opt for the best equipment with the most reasonable price in word markets,” he underlined.

Pointing to his presence in the recent OIC Summit in Istanbul, Rouhani said “a total of 56 member countries had joined the meeting but one or two countries were seeking to introduce Iran as an enemy to regional security; nevertheless, we managed to announce that terrorism and Zionism are enemies of the Islamic world.”

“the current Iranian year is dubbed by the Leader as Year of the Resistance Economy: Action and Implementation and we need to work hand in hand in order to run the Leader’s agenda,” he underlined.

Rouhani further said “Resistance Economy will be realized if non-oil exports excel oil sales and it was achieved in the previous Iranian year for the first time after 63 years.”

He also noted “we plan to purchase 10 million tons of wheat from domestic farmers as we seek to gradually become more and more self-sufficient in the fields of food and strategic food ingredients like sugar, white and meat as well as eggs.”

“Resistance economy also means arrival of foreign investment,” recalled Hassan Rouhani adding “Asian, European and regional investors have made presence in Iran since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year; for instance, a total of 66 cooperation agreements have been inked with Kazaghstan of which 55 belong to the private sector.”

At the end of his remarks, Rouhani deemed Semnan as one of the strategic provinces in Iran since it connects the North to South as well as the East to the West.”


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