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Jewish protesters set fire to Israeli passports in New York City


Anti-Zionism Jewish protesters have set fire to their Israeli passports in New York City in condemnation of the crimes committed by Tel Aviv against the Palestinian people.

A number of protesters on Tuesday gathered in front of the United Nations’ building and chanted “Judaism yes, Zionism no, Israel must go.”

The protesters are angry about the recent Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip.

“This is the worst crime and it will bring the worst punishment for the Zionist evil people,” Anti-Israel Rabbi Abraham Chaim Cheshe told Press TV.

“I burned this because it is a symbol of heresy and rebellion against the Almighty. According to the Jewish religion, we have to burn it. We still have not the right to exist,” he added.

Last week, people in New York City took part in a rally to support the Palestinians and unfurl a giant Palestinian flag over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Hundreds of people and civil rights activists chanted anti-Israeli slogans while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on their way to Manhattan City Hall in a rally dubbed “March for Palestine.”

They called for the expansion of the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions,” a global campaign attempting to increase economic and political pressure on Israel to end its occupation and colonization of Palestinian land and respect for the right of return of Palestinian refugees.

On Tuesday, a truce between Israel and Palestinians took effect in the Gaza Strip to end 50 days of violence.

Since the Egyptian-brokered truce came into force, Israel has stopped its deadly attacks on the besieged enclave. Palestinian resistance fighters have in turn held back retaliatory rocket fire on Israel.

Almost 2,137 Palestinians, including women, children and old people, were killed in the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. Around 11,000 others were injured.

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