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Leader: Khuzestan cannot be blamed for being upset and their water issues should be solved now!

The following is the full text of a speech delivered on July 23, 2021 by Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, after receiving the second dose of the Iranian coronavirus vaccine.

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Praising the endeavors made by researchers and the medical personnel of the country

Thankfully, I managed to receive the second dose of the vaccine. After the first dose, I did not have any side effects at all and it thankfully went very well. There was no fever and other such side effects. I deem it necessary to thank you honorable gentlemen who took the trouble to come here. In particular, I wish to thank the dear scientists and researches who managed to put the finishing touches to the manufacture of the domestic vaccine and I also genuinely thank medical personnel, nurses and the entire medical community who made really valuable efforts in this long period of time and who risked their lives.

Using domestic as well as foreign vaccines

There was an interruption in distributing the vaccine among the people which was primarily caused by those who had promised to sell us a vaccine and who went back on their promise. Once more, this reminds the people of Iran and the officials of the country that we should stand on our own feet on all matters and that reliance on others will create problems, as witnessed in this case.

Of course, in addition to the domestic production of vaccines, we had no choice but to use the products of other countries to the extent that it is reliable and we will use them, but the focus must be put on domestic production. The people should not be kept waiting. By Allah’s favor, the vaccine will be distributed among the people with complete ease and smoothness and I hope that the honorable officials will pay attention to this point.

The necessity to observe the health protocols

Another issue, addressed to our dear people, is about observing the protocols. With the mutations that take place in the virus – so far, five, six mutations have taken place – the dangers remain in place. The people’s sensitivity should not diminish and the protocols should not lose their significance just because the disease has lasted so long – a year and a half. The protocols should continue to be observed. Besides, there are various religious and non-religious ceremonies, but the essence should definitely be to observe the protocols – such as social distancing, wearing a mask and other such protocols.

These are protocols frequently recommended by the honorable health officials. They should continue to recommend them and the people should definitely observe them because the virus is really dangerous. If we endure these hardships – I mean, the people in general – and if we endure these difficulties for a limited period of time, well, the disease will be uprooted or it will at least stop spreading. Is this better or the continuation of death rates, financial losses and the closedown of businesses? One should confront the matter, officials should keep working seriously, the people should follow the matter carefully and executive organizations should seriously support domestic products. In other words, the CovIran Barakat and the vaccines produced by other centers such as Pasteur and Razi Institutes should definitely be supported and followed up so that they will carry it out in the best way possible.

Concern about the people of Khuzestan

I wish to use the occasion to discuss another matter. In the past seven, eight days, one of our concerns has been the issue of Khuzestan and the people’s water shortage problem in that area. It is really painful for us to see that despite the loyal people living in that province and with all the abundant natural resources in that area and with all the factories working there, the people have reached a point where they are dissatisfied with the shortage of water and sewage system.

If the recommendations which had been put forward regarding the water and sewage system in Ahwaz – so many proposals were put forward for the issue of the sewage system and shortage of water in Ahwaz – had received due attention, we would not have these problems now. Well, now that the people are expressing their feelings, one cannot blame them for that. They are upset.

The people of Khuzestan have proved their loyalty towards the system and the Revolution in the Sacred Defense Era

Lack of water is not a minor issue, considering the hot weather in Khuzestan and considering the people of Khuzestan themselves. The people of Khuzestan are very loyal people. During the eight-year Sacred Defense Era, those who were in the frontlines of various difficulties were the people of Khuzestan and they really stood firm. I was witness to that. I witnessed up close how loyally and diligently, they sent their youth and their men to the frontlines. Their women helped too and therefore, these loyal and passionate people should not suffer from these problems.

Well, the people cannot be blamed and their problem should be addressed, as should have been addressed until now. If the necessary measures had been adopted in due time, this situation would definitely not have arisen for the people. Thankfully, various organizations – executive and non-executive – have involved themselves and are pursuing the matter seriously and when the next administration takes office, they should seriously deal with the matter.

The people should not let the enemy take advantage of the matter

Of course, the people should be careful too. The enemy wants to take advantage of every small matter against the country, the Revolution, the Islamic Republic and the public interests of the people. The people should take care not to let the enemy take advantage of the situation and not to give the enemy any pretext whatsoever.

I hope that Allah the Exalted will bestow His blessings on this nation and shower His mercy and grace on our nation which deserves divine mercy and kindness, God willing.

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings

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