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Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Imam Khamenei: Arrogant Powers Should Be Exposed

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei said arrogant powers in the world should be exposed.

Imam Khamenei’s remarks were as his eminence met a group of Iranian veterans and artists of former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein’s eight years of war against Iran, known in the Isdlamic Republic as the Sacred Defense era.

In the gathering, the Leader elaborated on different aspects of the eight-year war by saying: “One aspect of the Sacred Defense era is that it provides an image of power equations in the wild and oppressive world which is void of spiritually.”

“One side of the battle, (there was Iran that) could not even buy barbed wires and import them, while the other side was provided with the most advanced war equipment in large quantities and was even allowed to use chemical weapons.”

Imam Khamenei slammed Western states’ double standards in confronting weapons of mass destruction, stating, “Today the Westerners make such a fuss over even accusations of using chemical weapons, while in those days, Saddam was even allowed to use chemical weapons not only in the war fronts but also in cities (and on civilians); and the governments of France, Germany and then USSR helped him.”

“During the Sacred Defense era, not only economic and political sanctions were imposed on us, we were also sanctioned in terms of media access and no one would hear our voice,” the Leader added.

Meanwhile, the Leader wondered: “Why shouldn’t the people of Germany and France know what their governments did to us during those 8 years of imposed war?”

“They currently do not know, and this is due to our negligence. Currently, the world cannot see this image which exposes the arrogant powers,” website quoted the Leader as saying.

The Leader then advised the experts in arts to reach out to the world to narrate the truth, saying, “In the fields of literature, cinema, theatre, journalism and cyberspace there are plenty of tasks that we must do, but have not done. Wherever we worked in those areas, even if in limited quantities, it was influential.”

“My dear ones! Do know that today too, if the message of the martyrs reaches our hearts, it will protect us against fear and sorrow and it will present us with the message of felicity, courage and action,” Imam Khamenei addressed the attendees of the meeting.

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