Leading Syrian opponent blatantly hails MKO terrorists

Leading Syrian opponent blatantly hails MKO terrorists

The Leading Syrian opponent, Ahmad Jarba, in a meeting with the MKO terrorist outfit ringleader in Paris, brazenly named the terrorist members of MKO as the brothers of Syrian opponents.

Throughout the years, MKO terrorist outfit has maintained a highly violent conduct and has been enlisted among terrorist groups. However, in the wake of baseless claims and the psychological warfare leveled by MKO terrorist outfit against Iran’s peaceful nuclear plan, the US and European Union excluded MKO from their blacklist.

Following the protests of people of Iraq to the presence of MKO operatives in Camp Ashraf in Iraqi soil, these terrorists were transferred from Camp Ashraf to Liberty Camp.

The collaboration of MKO terrorists with the former dictatorial Iraqi Ba’th minority regime in the brutal suppression of the uprising of Iraqi Shiites in 1991 is one of the reasons behind the negative view of Iraqi nation toward MKO terrorist outfit; and the Iraqi people’s demand for expulsion of MKO operatives from Iraqi soil.

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