Lebanese Army comes under attack at several points in Beqaa: 1 soldier killed

The Lebanese Army Command said in a statement on Monday, that gunmen opened fire on several military and patrol sites in the Baalbek area in the Beqa’a Valley last night, killing one soldier around midnight.

The statement said : “At the time of approximately 00.45 A.M.., a number of gunmen opened fire towards an army patrol and military centers in Talia, Brital, Al-Khader and Douris, as this resulted in the martyrdom of one of the soldiers.”

They continued: “This was preceded yesterday by the wanted man, Abbas Al-Masri, on firing in the air at the Douris checkpoint while trying to force the car with his BMW type vehicle, accompanied by the person, Ja’afar al-‘Afi, and the checkpoint personnel responded to the shooting, which led to the injury of the wanted Abbas al-Masri and Ja’afar Al-‘Afi, so they were taken to Dar Al-Amal Hospital University-Baalbek for treatment.”

The soldier killed during the exchange of gunfire was identified as ‘Ali Al-‘Afi.

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