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Martyr Soleimani nullified all the schemes of the U.S. in West Asia

Martyr Soleimani was both courageous and wise[...] One example of his wisdom and courage, which the enemies know well but some friends may not know, is that he was able to nullify all the illegitimate plots of the Americans in West Asia with the help of the people of the region – or it could be said with the help that he gave to them.

This man was able to stand up to all the plots that had been hatched with money, with the vast propaganda efforts of the Americans, with the diplomatic capabilities of the Americans and with the pressure that they exert on politicians – particularly in weak countries. He was able to nullify all the schemes set up with these instruments in West Asia.

Regarding Palestine, the American’s plan was to make the issue of Palestine be forgotten and to keep the Palestinians weak, so that they would not dare to speak of fighting. However, this man empowered the Palestinians. He did something to help a small region like the Gaza strip, which is a small strip of land, stand up to the Zionist regime despite all their pretention. He brought such an adversity upon them that they asked for a ceasefire after just 48 hours! This was done by Hajj Qasem Soleimani. He empowered the Palestinians. He helped them stand up and resist. This is what our Palestinian brothers have told me time and time again. Of course, I was already aware of these things, but they came to me and testified to this fact. All of the Palestinian leaders said this on their numerous trips to our country.
Imam Khamenei, Jan 8, 2020

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