Mikdad: Whoever wants to combat ISIS must stand by Syria


Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad stressed that when the war against Syria started in 2011, some inside and outside the country lost the “compass” and they believed that what is taking place is an “Arab spring” that would bring democracy and freedom to the Arab citizens as some leaders and countries in the region and outside the region were driven by this novel which proved to be just an “illusion.”
In an article published by Lebanese al-Binaa Newspaper on Saturday, Mikdad wondered why the so-called “Arab Spring” has not reached the countries which are in dire need for democracy and for the realization of human rights such as Saudi Arabia, inquiring about the essence of this “spring” which has been plotted by Israel and the US.
Syria’s enemies have pumped money to sell mercenaries to kill the Syrians, and when they failed, they encouraged killers and criminals from all around the world to come to Syria through the regime of the “Muslim Brothers” in Turkey, yet they failed in achieving their goals again, and Erdogan, who is aspiring to become the “Ottoman Caliph” failed despite of the financial support and promises provided to him and to the terrorist organizations by the West, Mikdad said.
Mikdad added that beheading hundreds and maybe thousands of the Syrians at the hands of the terrorist organizations should draw the attention of the US and the West if they are really interested in defending human rights and in countering terrorism, but in fact they are not interested in this issue at all.
He pointed out that those who commit crimes or encourage others to perpetrate atrocities in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and in Libya or who support terrorists to commit crimes against the people and army in Egypt should be ashamed of what they are doing.
Mikdad added that Syria has informed all the bodies concerned that countering terrorism in and outside the country is its “top priority” while its second priority is achieving “local reconciliations” to stop terrorism and bloodshed, affirming that the Syrian government have exerted all possible efforts to find a framework for the political solution of the crisis.
Mikdad reiterated that the logic and the UN Security Council’s resolutions against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “ISIS” terrorist organization affirm that the mission of humanity nowadays is to combat the danger of the ISIS which is one of the most dangerous challenges facing it.
He concluded by saying that Syria is on the top of the countries which are facing the ISIS terrorist organization, therefore, whoever wants to counter the ISIS must stand by Syria in its war against it.

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