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Moscow Threatens to Retaliate US Blocking of Funds Transfer


Moscow on Wednesday threatened retaliatory action against US diplomats after US bank JP Morgan blocked a transfer of funds carried out by a Russian envoy.

Russia considered as “unacceptable, illegal and absurd the decision of JP Morgan Chase bank to block the transfer by the Russian ambassador in Astana to insurance company Sogaz,” said Alexander Lukashevich, a spokesman for the Russian foreign ministry.

The move was carried out “under the pretext of anti-Russian sanctions introduced by the United States,” the spokesman added. Sogaz is linked to Russian bank Rossiya, which is on the list of companies and individuals subject to US sanctions over Moscow’s move to annex Crimea.

“Washington should understand that any hostile action towards Russian diplomats is not only a gross violation of international law but also a prelude to reprisal measures that would not fail to have an impact on the work of the US embassy and consulate in Russia,” he said. “JP Morgan Chase has therefore done a disservice” to the US administration, added the spokesman.

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