Myanmar killers must be held liable


Press TV has conducted an interview with Mauri Saalakhan, with the Peace THRU Justice Foundation from Washington D.C to shed more light on the ongoing systematic and widespread genocide of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: How do you asses the current situation of Myanmarese Muslims, especially considering the fact that, you know, this violence has been continuing for so long now?

Saalakhan: I think it is deplorable. It is something that should shock the conscience of the entire international community, those of us who have become aware of what has been taking place there and I just think that…, in this latest incident, you know, a simple accident of someone bumping into another, pull the trigger of this magnitude of violence, I think it is the reflection of the depth of hatred in the hearts of those who are committing these atrocities.

And it is something, again, that should shock the conscience of the international community and steps should be taken to arrest and hold accountable those who are responsible for it.

Press TV: You speak about, you know, shocking the conscience of the international community but clearly it has not yet happened.

Should we expect that to happen any time soon?

Saalakhan: I wish I could say. I mean there are so many atrocities taking place around the world…, I do not know, I am just stunned by this.

They are so unfortunate but I mean the unfortunate reality is also that, you know, Myanmar is, basically off the radar for most people around the world and I guess unless and until international organizations that have a big voice and who are aware of what is taking place there, begin to use the power of their voice to bring attention and to bring pressure.

Fortunately, I guess this is just going to be seen.

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