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Mysterious virus causing paralysis in children across the US

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Amid recent statements by US President Barack Obama calling Ebola a national security threat, another virus is suspected of causing paralysis in dozens of children nationwide, as doctors and hospitals hope to finds answers to what is being termed as a mystery illness.
Enterovirus D68 has hospitalized hundreds of children across America and has led to at least four deaths. But it may also have caused unexplained paralysis in children from Massachusetts to Colorado and California. Enterovirus typically causes only mild cold symptoms in most patients. Researchers fear the virus may be this generation’s polio. Racing against time more than 50 doctors at top U.S. hospitals are holding regular calls and pooling research, seeking to pinpoint physical changes that may lead to a treatment or a vaccine. There have been 594 confirmed cases of EV-D68 in 43 states, beginning in the Midwest in August but doctors fear the number is probably far greater since not all those infected have been tested.

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