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Next US Administration to Surrender to Iranian Nation: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the next US administration, whether Democrat or Republican, will give in to the will of the Iranian people.

“It is not important who wins the US election; the next government of America will surrender to the Iranian nation,” Rouhani said in a ceremony held on Thursday to inaugurate the first phase of a water transfer project from the Persian Gulf to the central Iranian provinces.

The President said that the hard times that the government and people suffered in the past three days has been ‘unprecedented’. “We were always under pressure but this was an economic war. They increased the sanctions amid the coronavirus pandemic.”

Describing the project as an ‘unbelievable’ one, President Rouhani said in the inauguration ceremony that he will call this water transfer line as the ‘line of hope’ because “it is not just water but hope that reach the central plateau.”

All farmers, industries, and people will gain access to a sustainable water resource by this project, he said, congratulating the opening of the project to the Iranian nation.

Iran was able to take ‘giant steps’ in spite of all the pressures and sanctions of the ‘terrorist’ US government, Rouhani said, noting that such sanctions have not hampered national projects.

Talking about the project, Rouhani said the overall length of this giant water transfer line is about 800 kilometers, 305 kilometers of which is being inaugurated today.

He hoped that the remaining phases of the project would soon come on stream.

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