Official: Iran Mass-Producing Subsurface-to-Surface Missile-Launching Systems

A senior Iranian Navy official announced on Saturday that the country is mass-producing subsurface-to-surface missile-launching systems, adding that most parts of home-made submarines are produced inside the country.

“The tests on the systems to launch subsurface-to-surface missiles to destroy surface targets have ended and today it has entered the executive processes for mass-production by the defense industries,” Head of the Iranian Navy’s Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Rear Admiral Majid Maqsoudi said.

He added that 90% of the home-made submarine parts are manufactured domestically and by knowledge-based companies, the private sector and universities.

Rear Admiral Maqsoudi also said that field tests on the optimized Iran-made VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) drone, Pelican, completed in the past year.

Iran has made major achievements in manufacturing different weapons and military equipment.

Head of the Marine Industries Organization of Iran General Amir Rastegari announced in 2018 that subsurface-to-surface missiles have been mounted on the new home-made Qadir-class submarine, adding that many foreign states are willing to purchase the vessel.

“The submarine has in the past 10 days been equipped with subsurface-to-surface missiles and enjoys a good anti-surface capability,” General Rastegari said.

He also added that a home-made torpedo, Valfajr, mounted on the submarine enjoys a destruction power 6 times more than a cruise missile and can drown a 1,000-ton vessel into the sea in less than 10 seconds.

General Rastegari said that Iran is capable of mass-producing and exporting Qadir submarines, adding, “Some of the friendly states are in negotiations with us to design submarines for them as well.”

He said that a unique periscope has also been mounted on Qadir submarine, noting that a number of industrial countries have demanded to purchase this periscope and optical system from Iran.

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