Palestinian children continue to suffer on Palestinian Child Day

Palestinian children continue to suffer due to Israel’s inhumane practices as they mark Palestinian Child Day.

Israeli forces have killed and injured thousands of Palestinian children over the past decade under the watchful eye of the international community.

Last year alone Israeli force killed nine Palestinian children.

During a press conference marking the annual event, Palestinians demanded that Israeli forces be held accountable for their crimes against Palestinian children.

Scores of Palestinian children lost their lives during the Great March of Return peaceful rallies due to Israel’s use of excessive force against peaceful protesters.

According to human rights organizations the Israeli attacks on Palestinian children were systematic.

Since 2008 the Israeli regime waged three wars on the Gaza Strip killing and maiming thousands of children.

During Israel’s 2014 war on Gaza Israeli forces killed over 2,200 Gazans including hundreds of children.

Palestinian Child Day highlights the ongoing plight of those born under Israeli occupation and blockade.

Human rights groups have long accused the Israeli regime of deliberately targeting Palestinian children.

This comes amid the failure of the international community to hold Tel-Aviv accountable for its crimes.

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