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Photo-Martyrs of the Two zio-U.S-backed Terrorist Attacks in Damascus Laid to Rest

In a solemn official and popular procession, the bodies of the martyrs who passed away after the two terrorist attacks that hit Damascus on Friday were escorted to their final resting place, with thousands of citizens flocking to the Umayyad Mosque to participate in the procession.

The bodies of the martyrs arrived in the Mosque, wrapped up with the Syrian flags where the ceremonies began amid cheers of the participants who underlined determination to the Syrian national unity to foil the conspiracy to which Syria is exposed.

A terrorist suicide bomber in a booby-trapped car broke into the main door of the Area Security Branch in Damascus Friday at 10:18 AM, leading to the martyring of security forces personnel and civilian passersby in addition to causing significant material damage to nearby buildings.

One minute later, another suicide bomber drove a booby-trapped GMC 4WD car into the General Intelligence Administration building, also leading to the martyring of security forces personnel and civilian passersby and causing significant material damage. The death toll of the two terrorist suicide bombings have reached 44, in addition to 166 wounded people.

Islamic Scholar Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti said in a speech during the funeral “That was the gift of Burhan Ghalyon and his comrades to Syria,” wondering about the extent of the happiness of Ghalyon and the opposition who insist to bring the reform through enemies that come from overseas.

“I want to ask… are the covers removed from the eyes of the Arab League representatives to see who is the killer and who is the victim, to know that the Syrian Army couldn’t bomb gas pipelines, kill its personnel or kill itself?” Dr. al-Bouti added.

“We coexist to protect our sanctities and principles and values that God instructed us to uphold… we cannot extend our hands to an enemy no matter how much it pretends to care, and we cannot shake hands covered in blood,” he concluded.

In a statement read by Minister of Endowments Mohammad Abdul-Satar al-Sayyed , Syria’s Islamic, Christian scholars and clergymen condemned the killing, bombing, destruction and acts of sabotage, saying “those acts are nothing but a real reflection of the dangerous conspiracy to which Syria is exposed.

They called on the Syrian people to be fully aware of what is going on in the country to foil the conspiracy.

Minister al-Sayyed said “We are determined to unite our ranks in the face of the conspiracy targeting our security, homeland and values.”

The Minister stressed that this obnoxious terrorist crime targeted Damascus, the heart of the homeland and the capital of Arabism and Islam, and it targeted every Syrian citizen.

He added “while we are looking for righteousness and reform , we don’t find except the killing and sabotage by those who are conspiring against Syria, Arabism, Islam and values.

He called on the Arab League and the United Nations to shoulder their responsibilities and view the events in Syria with objectivity, demanding that they cease to embrace the false news propagated by biased mass media and those who encourage violence, murder and destruction.

Al-Sayyed pointed out that this nation is accustomed to calamities throughout its history, stressing commitment to standing united to foil the conspiracy.

“During these days, as the world is celebrating Christmas and the birth of Jesus the messenger of peace and love, there are people being murdered by these criminal terrorist gangs in Damascus, the city which has always been an example of embracing Islam and Christianity,” he said.

For his part, Patriarchal Assistant at the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, Bishop Luca al-Khouri, said that Syrians are brothers and no-one can divide them, noting that this gathering takes place in the Umayyad Mosque where the tomb of St. John the Baptist is, adding “we live together, Muslim and Christian clergymen, Christian and Muslim people, in this sage country… but they want to fragment this country, and God willing they won’t be able to do that.

Al-Khouri prayed for the souls of the martyrs and wished peace upon their families and safety and harmony upon all Syrians, noting that on this day of Christmas, a day of peace, the enemies of Syria opted to gift Syria with victims rather than good wishes, stressing that the Syrians who died were killed by hands hired by forces abroad.

In turn, Druze cleric Ayman Zahreddin stressed that all Syrians must be vigilant regarding this conspiracy and unite against those who sow strife, saying that their ill intentions only strengthen the unity of the Syrians.

Director of al-Fateh Islamic Institute in Damascus Hussam Eddin Farfour pointed out that Islam all religions forbid the killing of innocents, stressing that Islam has nothing to do with the murder of innocents and bloodshed and that the bombings and random killing of innocents and civilians only pleases the devil.

Members of the Central Leadership, the National Progressive Front, the Regional Leadership, the Ministers of Information and Interior, heads of popular organizations and unions, People’s Assembly members, Muslim and Christian clergymen and masses of citizens participated in the ceremonies.

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