PHOTOS: Terrorists handover large stockpile of weapons, vehicles in Daraa city

The rebel forces inside of Daraa city began handing over their large stockpile of weapons and military vehicles to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) this weekend.

Beginning on Friday, the rebel forces have been surrendering their heavy and medium weapons to the Syrian Arab Army and Russian Reconciliation Center in the Daraa Al-Balad District.

According to a report from the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has handed over several tanks, armored personnel carriers (APC), BMP-1 vehicles, anti-tank missiles, mortar launchers, artillery field guns, and machine guns.

As shown in the photos below, the rebel forces were required to handover their armored vehicles before they were allowed to reconcile with the government or be transported to the western countryside of Daraa:

Since the rebels agreed to surrender Daraa city, the Syrian Army has shifted their attention to the western part of the province, where they are looking to take hold of the last FSA and jihadist-held areas.

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