Pictures of Syrian Army units that will lift Deir Ezzor seige


A number of pictures have emerged showing Syrian Arab Army (SAA) tank and infantry units of the 5th Assault Corps mustering to the east of the recently liberated town of al-Sukhnah.

The pictures show main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and trucks full of well-equipped assault troops. These army forces represent the spearhead of the great eastern drive towards Deir Ezzor and the pride of the 5th Assault Corps.

The vast majority of the main battle tanks in service with the 5th Assault Corps are modernized Soviet-era designs including the T-72B3s and various sub-variants of the T-62M series.

In many respects, the assault infantry themselves are of a unique quality, being high-motivated volunteers which are equipped, trained and advised by the Russian military.

Although only coming into existence since very late last year, the 5th Assault Corps has taken the SAA all the way from the T-4 Airbase to al-Sukhnah in just nine months, securing countless mountain ranges, energy infrastructures and desert villages along the way.

Although it is not the only SAA formation that is currently pushing towards Deir Ezzor, the men of the 5th Assault Corps will nonetheless be among those relieving forces who lifted the city’s three-year siege.

Source: AMN
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