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President Raeisi says a decent global system needs rationality, justice, spirituality

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raeisi says security and destiny of all human beings are intertwined with each other, stressing that a decent international system is in dire need of rationality, justice and spirituality.

“Global developments, especially the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, have shown that security and destiny of human beings are interdependent,” Raeisi said in separate congratulatory messages to world Christian leaders on the occasion of the New Year.

“Cooperation among countries in this crisis, particularly in the field of [COVID-19] vaccination, in the face of some countries’ move to withhold sending essential items in the field of health and imposing sanctions on nations, clearly showed that a decent international system is in dire need of rationality, justice and spirituality.”

He expressed hope that all global problems would be settled and nations’ resistance to achieve their rights would bear fruit in the New Year by resorting to the moral virtues of the Abrahamic religions and in light of joint efforts by countries.

The Iranian president once again extended his sincere congratulations over the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, adding that the Prophet is a manifestation of resistance against the oppressors and inspiration for freedom-seeking efforts in the struggle against the arrogant powers.

The Iranian president last week penned a letter congratulating Pope Francis on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ and the Gregorian New Year. In his message, Raeisi expressed “cordial congratulations” to the head of the Roman Catholic Church and all the Christians across the world on the jubilant birth anniversary of Jesus Christ.

He said Jesus Christ’s birth is the “manifestation of God’s will and power” and added that the spiritual status of Saint Mary, the Prophet’s mother, shows the lofty position of women in divine religions.

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