President Rouhani offers Christmas greetings, voices hope for peace


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has offered Christmas felicitations to heads of state across the globe, expressing hope that the world will see peace and security.

“On the eve of the New Year, I hope that we would see, through efforts and more cooperation between [world] countries, restoration of daily-growing peace and security, elimination of discrimination and eradication of terrorism across the globe,” Rouhani said in his message on Thursday.

He also said that a “return to the teachings of divine religions” will help unmask those who are presenting a “violent and untrue image” of religious teachings through “terrorist and criminal” acts.

Rouhani was alluding to Takfiri groups who have committed all kinds of atrocities under the name of Islam.

The Iranian president also prayed that God bestow “happiness and prosperity” upon nations and governments.

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