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President Rouhani: US Has Big Mouth, Less Power

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed his country's capability to sell its crude despite the US sanctions and threats, saying that Washington is less powerful than it appears.

“We are not hostile to anyone but we do not sit silent against plots. We sell oil. The Americans’ power is not as much as the size of their mouth. We should make enemies regret their deeds and return them to the point of rationality,” President Rouhani said, addressing people in the Western province of Kermanshah on Wednesday.

He also noted that Iran will find new ways to sell its crude other than those sanctioned by the US.

Meantime, President Rouhani underscored good ties between Iran and its neighbors in the North, West and East, saying that the Southern neighbors of the country, except two states, also have intimate relations with Tehran.

“The two neighbors’ interests will be met by good ties with Iran. We are not enemy to anyone but we do not sit inactive against schemes and respond to hostilities and plots and resist,” he added.

In relevant remarks on Tuesday, Rouhani underlined that his country would find different ways to sell its crude despite the US sanctions, saying that the nation would bring Washington to its knees.

“We should export our products and all Iranian officials are in consensus that the US decision to zero Iran’s oil exports is wrong and we will not allow the decision to go into effect,” President Rouhani said, addressing Iranian workers in Tehran on the occasion of the Labor Day.

He stressed that the Iranian nation would bring the US to its knees, noting, “Some countries retreat against the US pressures, but the Iranian nation always stands.”

President Rouhani described the US sanctions against Iran as “cruel and illegal”, and said these embargos directly pressure the Iranian people, specially the workers.

He underscored the necessity for moving towards more self-sufficiency to decrease dependence on foreign currencies and increasing production of oil products, including gas condensates and petrochemicals.

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