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Pro-democracy groups urge end to Washington corruption



American pro-democracy protesters have converged on Washington DC for a week-long anti-corruption rally outside government buildings.

Supporters of the ‘Democracy Spring’ campaign arrived in the capital city after walking ten days from Philadelphia for a week of sit-ins. The protesters arrived at the Union Station in Washington on Sunday.

The organizers of the movement expect thousands of people to attend days of nonviolent civil disobedience. The program also includes teach-ins, rallies and marches.

The event is said to be the largest incident of civil disobedience in the country in recent years.

Organizations such as The Public Citizen,, Greenpeace, AFL-CIO, NAACP, National Nurses Union, and also civil rights movements, are also expected to join the protest.

Members of several organizations and civil rights movements are expected to head for Washington to urge the US Congress to take action against corruption and the involvement of big money in politics and elections.

Funding for US election campaigns has on different occasions drawn criticisms even from presidential contenders who have accused their rivals of currying favor to vested interests in order  to raise money from groups such as the so-called Super PACs.

Super PACs are a type of organization that pools campaign contributions from members and donates those funds to candidates. They were created after the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010.

They can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money but are barred from coordinating with the political campaigns.

This year is shaping up to be one of the most expensive elections in American history. And a lot of the money lately has been spent targeting Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

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